New Optimal Challenge Package

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If you’re looking to take your body to the highest levels, the Optimal Package is the right solution for you. Includes products for faster recovery & well-being supplements to keep the body at its peak.

The package also includes £5 entry to the challenge which gives you the chance to win up to £500 cash prize!


Formula 1 (The Shake)

  • The number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.* F1 shakes have helped people all across the globe reach their weight-loss goals. Reach yours today!
  • Underpinned by science: Clinical studies show that daily use of meal replacement shakes as part of a calorie-restricted diet is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise.
  • Calorie-controlled: Approximately 220 kcal per serving
  • Rich in protein from dairy and soy (18g per serving), Formula 1 shakes are a great option if you are looking to build lean muscle mass along with exercise
  • Quick to whip up, a F1 shake is a convenient healthy alternative to a high-calorie breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Soy protein: a complete protein providing all essential amino acids.
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Available in nine delicious flavours and also available: F1 Free From – free from lactose, soy and gluten when made according to instructions and suitable for vegetarians.

For a gluten free, lactose free and soy free, you can use Formula 1, free from!

For a vegan-friendly option select – Banana Cream, Café Latte or Spiced Apple


Instant Herbal Beverage

  • Gives you an energy boost in the morning, replaces your coffee and tea
  • Low calorie – approx 6 kcal per serving.
  • One cup of Instant Herbal Beverage contains 85mg of caffeine to help increase alertness and improve concentration.
  • Our green tea is water extracted to give you the full spectrum of compounds found in green tea.
  • Available in Original, Lemon, Raspberry and Peach flavours.
  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold to suit your mood.


Herbal Aloe Concentrate

  • Have this with your water to help you achieve 2 litres per day, it replaces squash so you can have flavoured water the healthy way.
  • Contains 40% Aloe Vera juice derived from the Aloe Vera leaf.
  • Contains citrus to provide a refreshing flavour.
  • Contains 22 kcal per 15ml serving

We love the mango flavour! Plus we add our to Herbal Beverage too!


Rebuild Strength Chocolate 1000 g

  • For use after anaerobic exercise
  • Contains 25g protein that contributes to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass, delivering protein to fatigued muscles
  • Iron contributes to normal energy metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and oxygen transport in the body
  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Casein and whey proteins are both high quality dairy proteins and are recognised for their excellent amino acid content.


Herbalifeline® Max 30 capsules

Herbalifeline® Max is a food supplement rich in Omega-3 essential fatty-acids EPA and DHA, which contribute to the normal function of the heart as well as maintenance of normal blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels. DHA also contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision

Additional information

Formula 1 Flavour

Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate (Vegan, Gluten-free), Banana Cream (Vegan, Gluten-free), Café Latte (Vegan, Gluten-free), Spiced Apple (Vegan, Gluten-free), NEW Summer Berries (Vegan, Gluten-free), NEW Strawberry Delight (Vegan, Gluten-free)

Tea Flavour

Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Original

Aloe Flavour

Mango, Original


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